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Units, Labs and Centres
Units, Labs and Centres

Research Units, Labs and Centres


The BSTU research activities are supported by 50 units, among them 8 applied research laboratories aimed to promote university-industry collaboration and to drive innovations.

Certified units:

R&D laboratories and centres

Applied research laboratories:

Innovation centres:


Affiliated departments and scientific-educational production centres

The University has established 18 affiliated departments and 34 scientific-education production centres at the leading industrial enterprises of the country to promote university-industry collaborations and to drive innovations.

The affiliated departments aim to support the following activities:

In 2016, a BSTU Innovation Platform was created at the Hi-Tech Park of Belarus (Belarusian Silicon Valley). The platform acts as can affiliation department of the BSTU Information Technology Faculty. Students and teaching staff are given the opportunity to boost their professional development, to adopt best practices of IT industry, to develop their entrepreneurial and soft skills.