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Research Excellence
Research Excellence

Founded in 1930, Belarusian State Technological University has been a prestigious and dynamically developing educational and research innovative centre of Belarus for over nine decades. As the hub of technological education and science, its value and rank is systematically growing. Being a major scientific and research centre, the University is actively developing fundamental and applied research trends in the fields of forestry, woodworking, building materials, chemistry and chemical technology, economy, printing, etc.

BSTU is a university with highly regarded international reputation. It holds two Conformity Certificates of Quality Management System – National Conformity Certificate and German DGA Conformity Certificate. The University has been certified as a research organization by the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.    

The BSTU researchers are active contributors to national scientific programs, international innovative projects, grant projects, projects of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research, commercial projects for the industry.  

The research and development done by our scientists are widely demanded by industrial enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Architecture and Construction, Ministry of Emergencies, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Belneftekhim Concern, Bellesbumprom Concern, etc.

Engineering challenges lie at the heart of our applied research projects and address many of the most significant problems facing society in the 21st century, responding to climate change, through to developing sustainable energy sources and making efficient use of scarce natural resources. Our developments in the field of advanced materials, chemical engineering and technology, forestry and woodworking, printing provide solutions to the pressing concerns faced by industry, business and society as a whole. Our partners are forestry and forest inventory enterprises, national parks and reserves, hunting entities, largest industrial enterprises of Belarus (Printcorp, OJSC “Borisov Treating Plant”, OJSC “SvetlogorskKhimvolokno”, RUE “Belgosles”, RUE “Institute BelNIIS”, OJSC "Borisov Plastic Products Plant", OJSC “Gomel Glass Plant”, LLC “Pharmtechnology”, OJSC “Grodno Glass Plant”, OJSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno”, OJSC “Belshina”, Institute of Forest of Belarus NAS, ATLANT, OJSC “Svetlogorsk PCP”, OJSC “Teplosila Plant”, OJSC “Grodno Azot”, OLSC “Rechitsadrev”, Central Botanical Garden of Belarus NAS, OJSC “Borisovski DOK”, JSC “Rogneda”, OJSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno”, “Mineral Wax Plant” JSC, Polymer Pipe Factory, StiM LLC, JSC “Lesohimik”, OJSC “Gazpromtransgas Belarus”, OJSC “Lakokraska”, The Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of Belarus NAS, OJSC “Plant Optic”, JSC “Parad”, OJSC “Gomelglass”, OJSC “Krion”, The of Physical Organic Chemistry of Belarus NAS, JSC “Lida Sintering Plant”, JSC “Belaruskali”).


In 2018, a unique library of wood samples (xylotheque) was created at the University with the support of FLLC “Kronospan”. The wood library houses over 2,000 samples of domestic and foreign wood and a laboratory for wood properties investigation.

The Republican Centre for Applied Research in Petrochemical Technologies and Production was founded at the University in 2018.

In 2019, BSTU established an applied research laboratory for glass and fibres at OJSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” and the on-campus Educational and Scientific-Practical Centre of Glass and Ceramics.

In 2019, the University signed cooperation agreements with the following organizations:

-          JSC “Belinvestbank” and JSC “ASB Belarusbank”. The Agreement aims to promote research and educational projects, to foster motivation and support of talented students;

-          Technopark Skolkovo. The Agreement certifies the University as an operator of the Shared Resources Centre, so BSTU became the first Belarusian university which provides access to its unique research equipment for Skolkovo residents.  The Agreement also aims to promote networking and new investment projects.

In 2019, the University founded BSTU Science and Technology Park (TechPark) which intends to provide ongoing support to industrial enterprises that implement innovative projects. TechPark residents are granted a number of privileges and tax discounts and are provided with a supportive business environment for their high-tech projects.

In 2019-2020 the University successfully completed an ambitious task to develop the engineering design of sports cross-country skis which would conform to the highest international standards. In addition, the University researchers implemented three Belarusian Forestry Development projects with the support of the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility.   

In 2020, the University concluded an Agreement of Cooperation with FLLC “Slavkali”. The parties worked together to develop The Development Strategy of Timber Processing Industry and The Development Strategy of Petrochemical Complex until 2030.   

In 2021-2025 the University researchers and academic staff are actively contributing to the government research programs “Energy and nuclear processes and technologies”, “Chemical processes, reagents and technologies, bioregulators and bioorganic chemistry”, “Digital and space technologies, human safety, civil and state security”, “Photonics and electronics for innovations”, “Mechanics, metallurgy, mechanical engineering diagnostics”, “Materials science, new materials and technologies”, “Agricultural technologies and food safety”, “Natural resources and environment”, “Convergence-2025”, “Society and human security”.

For the program period of 2021-2025, BSTU has been appointed a principal investigating institution of the following activities within the government research programs:

activity “Improvement of productivity and environmental resilience of Belarusian forests” under government science and technology program “Green technologies of resource use and environmental safety”;

activity “Development of new domestic various-purpose advanced materials from wood chemical and vegetable raw materials” (“Wood chemistry-2”) under government research program “Chemical processes, reagents and technologies, bioregulators and bioorganic chemistry”;

activity “Electroplating technology” under government research program Mechanics, metallurgy, mechanical engineering diagnostics”;

activity “Multifunctional and composite materials” aimed to develop an advanced technology of thermoplastic and thermoactive polymer materials under government research program “Materials science, new materials and technologies”.