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About BSTU
About BSTU

Belarusian State Technological University is a modern, reputable and dynamically evolving education, research and production centre of the Republic of Belarus with more than 90-year history and long-standing traditions of training engineering professionals. Over its history the University has trained more than 75,000 highly-qualified specialists for the needs of forestry, woodworking, building materials, chemical, microbiological, pharmaceutical, printing and publishing, electronic industries, education and science.

Nowadays the University can boast of more than 120 educational programs of various levels and areas, i.e., economics and management, equipment and facilities, IT and computer engineering, power technology, timber processing, printing and publishing, chemical engineering and technology, automation, quality assurance, environmental protection, forestry and landscaping, tourism and hospitality, cybersecurity, etc.  

It isone of the largest higher technical schools of Belarus housing 8 faculties, 47 departments, 5 affiliated colleges, 19 affiliated departments at large enterprises and organizations of Belarus, 29 research and development laboratories, 34 educational, research and production centres. Our 33 first-cycle graduate programs (Bachelor), 27 Master’s Degree programs, 34 PhD programs are relevant to the industrial and commercial challenges of today and to the needs of the future. The teaching staff of the University comprises over 600 teaching professionals, 70% of them have scientific degrees and ranks. The number of students exceeds 12,000, among them are 90 PhD and post-doc students, over 500 international students.

BSTU runs 17 double-degree programs in close collaboration with their partner universities in Uzbekistan, China, Kazakhstan. The quality programs are benchmarked to high international standards in an intellectually rich and diverse learning environment and are highly sought by applicants.

Our graduates are granted a university degree which makes them highly competitive in the labour market of Belarus, CIS and EU countries. At the heart of our approach is a strong supportive partnership between staff and students. Our students demand a lot of us and we of them – we aim to transform dreams and ambitions into global opportunities for success.

The University is a major scientific and research centre actively developing more than 60 fundamental and applied research trends. 17 research and education schools of national and international recognition have been established and are operating at the University. Annually the University researchers publish over 2,500 papers and abstracts.

Research and development products of our researchers have their practical applications in industry; the University collaborates with more than 400 national enterprises and businesses within commercial contracts of applied character. 

International cooperation is among the top priorities of the University activities. The University holds over 200 bilateral cooperation agreements with educational and research institutions from 45 countries worldwide. Academic staff, researchers, students, PhD and Master’s degree students are active participants of international projects. Every year the University hosts international scientific conferences and symposia. Hi-tech innovative achievements of our researchers are presented at numerous international exhibitions and fairs. We also collaborate with numerous major Belarusian and international industrial organizations, as well as smaller companies, ensuring our programmes are relevant to the industrial and commercial challenges of today, and to the needs of the future.