Belarusian State
Technological University
Student Life


The student life is the most breathtaking and exciting period. Period of youth, communication, new relations, ideas and winnings. This is not just about studying, but also about finding new friends, fascinating events, interaction with interesting and creative people. BSTU gives everyone an opportunity to find something for themselves and to memorize this wonderful time for ever.




There are good living conditions, full-fledged rest and for preparation for academic lessons that have been created in the campus, which consists of five dormitories. They are situated near the academic buildings in the center of Minsk, that is very comfortable for students to organize their free time. All rooms are furnished with modern furniture and equipped with necessary household equipment. There is a network there that meets the needs of students in the communication tools. Student council organizes social and cultural life in dormitories. So, there are held such festivals like: «Student Spring» and «Student Autumn», «Spring Week of Kindness», «Mother’s Week», contests, discos, sports сcompetitions and sports contests.



Folk Student Musical and Poetic Theatre “Kolokol” is the oldest creative team at the university (founded in 1969). For its more than 45 year history, it has been delighting the audience with its plays, compositions, performances based on the works of domestic and foreign authors. Many performances are in Belarusian. The work of the theater is distinguished by its originality, exclusive scenarios and the search for new theatrical forms. The theater artists are more than 40 students from various faculties of the university. The theater is a laureate of international, all-Union and republican festivals. Recent performances: “Vyaskoutsy”, “Edith Piaf”, the composition “Poems of Dead Poets”, etc. The Art Director of the “Kolokol” Theatre is Z. I. Yalonetsky.




Students exercise on football, basketball and volleyball courts with artificial turf, playgrounds with multifunctional exercise equipment. An exhibition of creative works is held annually on campus, there is an international club «Unity», an assembly hall of social events, interest groups: «Magic needles», «Needlewomen», «DIY», «Golden Rook», «Hostess», fine arts, etc.




It is difficult to imagine student life without sports. Helping students to continue their studies, and for someone to join various sports activities is one of the primary directions of the work of the university, since physical education and the formation of a healthy lifestyle are the basis of the harmonious development of personality. The university has built a multifunctional sports complex for sports with halls for playing sports, wrestling, rhythmic gymnastics and aerobics, physical therapy, as well as a stadium with running tracks, a football field, two tennis courts, basketball and four volleyball courts with artificial turf. The University has prepared winners and prize-winners of international competitions, world championships.