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Students from Myanmar Explore the Beauty of the Central Botanical Garden

On May 23, the international students who are doing their foundation year at BSTU set off for an exciting stroll in the Botanical Garden in Minsk.  The Garden, which is a national leading research institution of its kind, offers unique opportunities to look into the biodiversity of plants and to relax and enjoy natural beauty of the place. 

The excursion started off with a walk in the scenic landscape zone of the Botanical Garden. The lively presentation of the guide gave a comprehensive overview of the numerous plants and their unique features. The students were amazed by the amenities of the garden and its inhabitants. 

The stroll moved on to the greenhouse facilities that house tropical plants. Splendid palm trees, brightly-coloured exotic flowers and tropical trees of all sorts created a stunning atmosphere. The students were happy to recognize plants typical of their homeland Myanmar and proudly told the guide what they knew about them.

The trip was an enriching experience for the students and enabled them to discover the world of the plant kingdom, deepen and share their knowledge.