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PhD Studies
PhD Studies

PhD course

A PhD course is a first degree of postgraduate studies which is designed to develop self-directed research skills of students, to build on the knowledge and expertise in their chosen study area. The students work towards writing up their thesis and submitting it as a dissertation. Upon completion of the full PhD course, the students are awarded a “Researcher” diploma.


Requirements to international applicants:

Course duration:  three years (full-time attendance)

                        four years (part-time attendance)



Doctoral course

A doctoral course isthe second degree ofpostgraduate studies. The course is for scholars who aspire to conduct their original research or to pursue additional research and make an original and significant contribution to a body of knowledge in a field. The doctoral students have to demonstrate their ability to evaluate, synthesize, and apply knowledge in a field and are required a capstone achievement in the form of a dissertation.



External PhD course

An external PhD course does not require entrance examinations and regular attendance of the university. The students conduct their research and write up their thesis independently. A supervisor is involved in this process. They read through the draft thesis and let the student know when they think their PhD is ready for submission.

Course duration:  three years


Early completion of any course is possible if the student manages to submit their dissertation within a shorter period.


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