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BSTU Develops Cooperation with Organizations of Kunshan (China)

A delegation of BSTU headed by Rector Ihar Voitau is currently attending the Suzhou Entrepreneurship Week for International Elites (China). The agenda of the event includes the “One Belt, One Road” International Conference for Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation and the Opening Ceremony of Kunshan International Scientific and Technological Innovation Consortium.

The conference attendees were welcomed by the city mayor of Kunshan and BSTU Rector Ihar Voitau. China has always been and remains a close, reliable and all-weather strategic partner and friend of Belarus. The two countries collaborate effectively and profusely in various fields. I set high value on the supportive policy that is pursued by our Chinese partners when it comes to educational and research cooperation that has been in place for over 30 years, said Ihar Voitau when he was addressing the conference delegates. BSTU Rector attaches great importance to the partnerships that have been established with governmental bodies and research institutes of China. He is deeply convinced that the joint efforts promote not only educational collaboration but also reinforce cultural ties between the two nations.  

Strategic partnership agreement has been signed between Applied Technology College of Soochow University and BSTU


Within the framework of the conference BSTU signed a strategic partnership agreement with Applied Technology College of Soochow University. Kunshan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Facility and Kunshan-BSTU International Technology Transfer Centre were opened.      

Opening of Kunshan-BSTU International Technology Transfer Centre







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