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BSTU At The Exhibition of I Belarusian-Uzbek Women’s Business Forum

On September 6, 2023 Belarusian State Technological University participated in the exhibition held within the First Belarusian-Uzbek Women’s Business Forum. The event took place at the National Library of Belarus.

The outdoor exposition housed full-size machinery, including flagship tractors, compact farmer’s tractors, coaches, snow- and swamp-going vehicles, trucks and other machines.


The indoor venue was zoned into 7 thematic clusters:

-         Women in Business (service enterprises and businesses managed by female leaders);

-         Beauty and Business (public and private enterprises of light industry and beauty industry);

-         Healthcare (recent developments in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry);

-         Taste of Belarus (meat and dairy products, confectionery goods, foodstuffs and beverages);

-         Education and Research (research developments and innovations in educational sphere);

-         Tourism and Recreation (presentation of travel opportunities in Belarus, agricultural and ecological tourism, national parks and other touristic routes);

-         Made in Uzbekistan (products of Uzbekistan).


Being presented in the Education and Research zone, BSTU put the following developments on display:

-         Antibacterial glaze coatings for ceramic goods;

-         Micronized food supplement «КАКАО-VELLA KV»;

-         Antibacterial composite electrochemical coating made by tin-nickel-titanium dioxide alloy;

-         New technology for apple crisps production;

-         New technology for vegetable juice production;

-         Dishware samples with improved consumer properties;

-         Antibacterial wound-healing hemostatic chitosan-based bandages;

-         Training modules for drone operators;

-         Smalt for restoration works;

-         Technology for production of domestic textile and polymer waste recycling;

-         Technology for new NPKS fertilizers;

-         Phytotea.


The Belarusian-Uzbek Women’s Business Forum aims to strengthen economic bonds between Belarus and Uzbekistan. The event is also intended to present and promote collaboration opportunities in many spheres, including industry, healthcare, education and research