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Research Areas
Research Areas

University scientists have a wide range of scientific research. It includes promising composite materials and nanomaterials, advanced technologies, highly efficient machines and tools, modern fundamental research in forestry, woodworking, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, wood chemical, hydrolysis, microbiological, pharmaceutical, printing and electronic industries, machines and instrument manufacturing, building materials industry, information systems and programming, standardization systems, metrology and certification, forestry economics, chemical and wood processing industry, production of building materials, printing, as well as environmental management and real estate.


Main trends in BSTU research:

1.    Sustainable and multi-purpose forest management

2.    Woodworking machines and tools

3.    Woodworking, furniture making

4.    Forestry machines and mechanisms

5.    Materials sciences, problems of strength and longevity

6.    Chemical processing of wood, paper and cardboard making

7.    Organic and petrochemical synthesis

8.    Building materials, glass and ceramics

9.    Optical glass and high-temperature ceramics

10.  Mineral binders and composite materials for building, technical and medical purposes

11.  Polymer materials and rubber production

12.  Industrial ecology and bioecology

13.  Resource-saving and energy-saving processes and technologies

14.  Biotechnology and technology of medicinal drugs

15.  Electroplating technology and corrosion protection

16.  Nanomaterials

17.  Resource-saving electrochemical production

18.  Machines and apparatus for chemical and building materials industry

19.  Electronic engineering materials

20.  Chemical technology of inorganic substances, fertilizers and salts

21.  Information technology and security

22.  Technology and equipment for printing and publishing

23.  Economic mechanism of innovative development of the enterprises and nature management

24.  Political and social sciences

25.  Scientific and methodical work